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You have everything you need to master your money. You just need to see it. That’s where I come in. I help shine a light on those hidden patterns that are keeping you stuck. You see, most of our money behaviors are out of our control. They are driven by experiences that happened to us decades ago. But once we see our money blocks, we are able to change them. You have the answers already. I’m here to help you see them so you can break free.

With a master’s degree in Family Financial Planning, and experience as a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, I can help you integrate the practical and emotional worlds of money to help you achieve financial and personal satisfaction. At the heart of my services is an appreciation for the strength and wisdom that resides in each of us. I enjoy working with people to help them discover their own wisdom.

I believe our intuition will always lead us to the right answers. But sometimes we need another person to help us see it. Are you ready to see yours? Let’s connect.

What Clients Say

“Thinking about money and budgeting was terrifying to me. Emily’s non-judgmental and compassionate approach, as well as her financial wisdom and expertise helped me increase my financial confidence to buy my first home and plan for retirement. She gave me practical tools to use, encouraged me to set manageable goals for myself, and helped me become financially self-aware. I highly recommend choosing Emily for a financial coach!”

Heather C.

I would highly recommend The Big Money Talk to anyone intending to get married. Two of the biggest problems newlyweds face is how to communicate and how to manage their finances. I honestly did not want to discuss finances because it stresses me out. Even though I think it is important to reveal our debts, I really did not want to do it. It was hard for me. I was physically hiding. But the program is setup so it is easy to open up. I found the experience valuable and I can see how we will benefit from having the conversation about finances before becoming married.

I really love Emily’s approach to financial counseling. I like that it goes for the root causes of why we use money the way we do. It was easy to talk with her and it was nice to have a third party who could help us see our flaws in thinking. I felt like she really listened to us and helped show us how our partner may think differently. I felt myself saying many times, ‘I never thought of it like that.’

Mariecus J.

Emily is very calm and insightful. She helped us work on much more than “just” the way we handle our finances. The sessions focused on our personal styles and our relationships with money, each other and our families and how they have influenced our current thoughts and behavior. It was a great experience. I highly recommend it for individuals and couples alike. It would be a great thing to give as a gift to couples in a new relationship-or even to someone married 18 years like us!

Tami K.

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