Money Relationship Coaching – When You Need Money Help That Goes Beyond Numbers

You know something’s not right.

You’ve tried to get your money life in shape and don’t understand why you keep missing the mark.

You know what you should be doing, but remain stuck. Your relationship with money feels complex and heavy. It’s hard to understand how others can reduce it to a spreadsheet. What you need goes beyond a budget.

Does this resonate with you? Then you’ve landed in the right place (at last!).

You deserve to work with someone who can help. Someone who understands that the path to healing your relationship with money is through understanding it. 

This is the sole focus of my practice as a money relationship coach.

Because your relationship with money runs through your entire life. Your parents’ financial circumstances and – more importantly – their beliefs about money began to shape your life before you were even born. During childhood, you absorbed this information, and formed attitudes and patterns around money without even knowing. These patterns are unconscious but they drive your decisions and affect every area of your life. From the jobs you take to the relationships you form.

Through behavioral money coaching, I help you explore your history with money so you can understand how it shapes your current behavior. Once you identify what’s holding you back, you can finally shift those automatic, unhealthy patterns to purposeful behaviors that allow you to reach your goals.

Think of this as bridge from the emotional side of money and the practical side.

I offer short-term money coaching for individuals, for couples struggling to meet each others’ needs and expectations, and for new couples who want to learn how to start off on the right foot.

Explore which path is right for you.

Money Coaching Services

Money coaching is a short-term investment with lifelong returns.