Is Holistic Money Coaching Right for You?

Holistic money coaching allows you to get to the root of your relationship with money. This is where the magic happens!

This is where you unravel the threads of your challenging money beliefs and consciously replace them with current, intentional beliefs and behaviors that align with your core values. The result is less stress, shame and avoidance and more calm, confidence and enjoyment.

Here’s how it works…

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions over Zoom with a minimum commitment of 6 session hours. This allows you the time and space needed to explore your money history, and to create an intentional, holistic action plan for the future. Assignments between sessions provide various angles for understanding how your money beliefs were formed, and how you can transform them.

Here’s what we can work on together…

  • Exploring your money history to identify patterns & themes
  • Understanding how your early experiences shaped your current money thoughts and habits
  • Identifying the money patterns you inherited from your parents, and the ones you created yourself
  • Getting clear on your core needs and how they manifest in your spending and saving habits
  • Identifying alternative ways to meet your core needs
  • Challenging your limiting beliefs to open up new possibilities
  • Aligning your values and your money usage
  • Creating a tailored, holistic money action plan

Working with me, previous clients had results such as…

  • Paid down nearly $10,000 of credit card debt by making more mindful spending decisions
  • Felt freer, lighter and calmer
  • Forgave themselves & no longer felt guilty and ashamed for past financial habits
  • Earned $1,000 more per month
  • Quieted their inner critic and became kinder to themselves
  • Developed better communication and more connection with their partner
  • Tripled their income
  • Felt relief after shifting their perspective about their student loans
  • Sensed and experienced greater abundance
  • Restructured work contracts to honor their value
  • Gave themselves permission to retire and enjoy their money
  • Gained awareness of themselves that fuels ongoing personal growth

We’re probably a good fit if you are…

  • Curious about yourself and enjoy personal growth experiences
  • Unafraid of having conversations that can get emotional
  • Able to recall typical childhood memories (because that’s where the roots are)
  • Looking for a holistic solution that acknowledges that money is interconnected with nearly every area of your life

But the only way to know if I’m the guide for you on this journey is to have a conversation. You can schedule a free 30-minute call here.

Get to the Root. Once and for All.

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