The decisions we make about money when we’re just starting out can have outsized consequences – for good or bad. The Money Mentor program helps you become financially savvy and avoid costly mistakes.

As your Money Mentor, I offer unbiased information when you need it.

We focus on what is important in your life right now. Each month, we’ll meet virtually to discuss what is on your mind. That could include topics such as:

  • What’s the best way to build credit?
  • I know I need to start saving. Where do I start?
  • I don’t know where my money is going. How can I get a handle on it?
  • How do I pay my student loans and have money left for anything else?
  • My company offers all kinds of benefits. What do I need?

I will never tell you what to do or how to spend your money. Instead, I will tell you what you need to know and let you decide. After all, I am the expert on money. You are the expert on yourself.

How it Works

We meet by Zoom or Skype once a month. I’m always available by email for questions in between our meetings. The monthly meetings allow you to focus our time on whatever is important to you.

Some people use our time to create goals and stay accountable on following through. Others like to learn a different topic every month. (Think of it as an independent study in Personal Finance…without the exams).

Stay as long as you need. Leave when you feel confident that you’re on the right financial path.

Small money choices can have long lasting consequences. As your Money Mentor, I provide the information you need just when you need it so you can build strong habits early and avoid costly mistakes. It’s a short-term investment with lifelong returns.

One 1-hour meeting during each of the first two months, then one 30-minute meeting each month thereafter: $65 per month, plus a one-time $195 start-up fee. You may cancel any time.

We’d Love To Hear From You

Schedule a call to learn how money coaching can help you achieve your financial and life goals. All sessions are conveniently conducted by telephone, Skype or Zoom.

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