The short answer: Money Mentoring is for young adults only and focuses on numbers. The Core Process is for everyone and focuses on you – understanding why you behave the way you do around money.

The long answer: Money Mentoring and the Core Process are distinct services. I offer each because, based on my experience, I see that there are two main causes of financial unease. Each service addresses a specific cause.

  • One cause of financial stress is the lack of information and guidance at the critical time when we become financially independent. This typically happens in the years following graduation from high school, college or training programs. Most Americans receive no formal education in personal finance, despite its critical importance. The financial decisions we make when young can ripple throughout our lives. Mistakes not only take a financial toll, but an emotional one which can lead to a downward spiral of stress and shame. Unbiased financial information and guidance is crucial during this stage of life. That is why I offer the Money Mentor service.
  • The other main cause of financial stress is our unconscious beliefs and attitudes about money. Everyone has them. Financial anxiety (regardless of income/asset levels), lack of life satisfaction, feeling like you’re “bad with money,” and inability to change behaviors that are causing financial strain are all indicators of unconscious money patterns. They literally rule our lives without us even knowing. The good news is that once we shine a light on these patterns and become conscious of them, they begin to lose their power and we regain control over our lives. This is known as the Core Process. Its focus is on you, not your numbers. It is a fundamental step to financial health. Most financial coaches skip this step. They dive straight into working with your numbers. While this may produce results in the short-term, many people eventually find that the changes don’t stick because the underlying cause of the financial behaviors have not changed. This is why the Core Process is such a powerful investment in your financial health and in your life in general.