Get and stay on the same page while the good vibes are flowing

You’re in love. You’re committed. The future is bright. Seize this moment to lay a solid foundation for your financial life.

You’ve heard the statistics. Money is one of the main causes of arguments and relationship failure. This is why preventative financial coaching is a great investment in your relationship!

Conscious Coupling provides something no budgeting app or spreadsheet can do – it helps you understand one another on a level that will transform your conversations around money. You will gain a deep understanding of your own and your partner’s money story. You will identify your money triggers, and learn healthy communication tools that will ensure that you and your partner feel heard and understood. You will have a safe space to examine and reveal your financial hopes and fears. The Conscious Coupling program is designed to take you and your partner to the next level of financial integration and intimacy.

This program is right for you if:

  • You are recently engaged or married
  • You and your partner are preparing to move in together
  • You are living together and ready to integrate your finances

Four 1-hour sessions: $500

Conscious Coupling helps prevent major financial tension from disrupting your relationship. Financial disagreements from time to time are completely normal. But if you and your partner are experiencing frequent disagreements or simmering tensions around money, then the Core Process for Couples may be the right program for you.

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